Dental Crown (Tooth Caps): Price in Nepal

Dental Crowns price in Kathmandu Nepal

The price of a dental crown in Nepal is determined mainly by the material of the crown. That’s why when seeking a price for a dental crown, you will likely get a quote of the price range. Materials used to make the tooth crown mostly determine the cost followed by the location and complexity of a case.

When a natural tooth’s surface breaks, discolors, or becomes weak, an artificial tooth cover is placed to prevent further damage.

Types of dental crowns in Nepal: 3 main types

  • Metal-ceramic Dental crown
  • Lithium disilicate Dental crown (Porcelain/ All-ceramic crown/Emax crown)
  • Zirconia Dental Crown

PFM crown Kathmandu

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown

These crowns are also known as Metal-ceramic crown. It has an inner core of metal and Porcelain material is glazed over it.

Metal-ceramic crowns are strong but they tend to give a grey hue to the gums hence is not the best choice for front teeth.

The cost of Metal ceramic crown is Rs 10,000/-

Lithium Disilicate (Emax) Dental Crown

These are metal-free porcelain crowns with greatest aesthetics. Being metal-free, Porcelain crowns offer a more tooth-like appearance because of their translucency than PFM crowns.They are an excellent choice for front teeth.

The cost of Porcelain Dental crown is Rs 20,000/-.

zirconia crown

Zirconia Dental Crown

Zirconia crowns has the strength of metal and esthetics of ceramic crown. They are very durable. Full-contour zirconia is ideal for back teeth and multi-layered Zirconia is suitable for front teeth.

These are the most expensive type of dental crown. The price for Zirconia dental crown can range from Rs 22,000-25,000/-

Dental Crown Procedure

Dental Crown procedure is a relatively simple process that generally takes two appointments to complete. However, if the tooth to be treated is broken or is below the gum surface, a longer procedure will be needed.

1st visit: x-ray, tooth reshaping and temporary crown installation

2nd visit: the temporary crown is removed and permanent crown is cemented.

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