Why Choose Shangrila Dental Clinic In Kathmandu?

We know you have many options to choose from when selecting a dentist for you and your family. Get to know why our patients choose us as their dental care provider in Kathmandu Nepal.

  1. Comprehensive and Personalized care
  2. Relaxing, Comfortable, anxiety-free experience
  3. Convenient location and free two-wheeler parking
  4. We value your time
  5. Family-owned private practice
  6. Internationally trained, Experienced, Specialist Dentists
  7. Easy-going Dentists
  8. Child-friendly
  9. Wide range of treatments
  10. Advanced technology with evidence-based practice
  11. Transparency in treatment cost
  12. Strict sterilization protocol
  13. Top rated
  14. Customer satisfaction guarantee


1. Comprehensive and Personalized care

We take time to listen to all of your dental concerns only then deliver personalized and comprehensive patient care in a gentle and comfortable manner.  Because of our personalized service, you’ll most likely end up finding a life-long friend in your dentist.

2. Relaxing, Comfortable, anxiety-free experience

As you walk through our clinic, you will notice that everything is clean. The office decor immediately gives a calm and soothing feel. Our sitting room will put you at ease and is a great place to relax before and after the dental treatment. There is TV, and magazines and you can access the internet free of charge. There are also basic amenities like tea, coffee, and bottled mineral water. We understand that many people experience dental anxiety. By communicating clearly beforehand what you can expect during your treatment, we can help alleviate your anxiety. In addition, we offer a comfort menu with things like a blanket, pillow, etc. At our office, we are very patient and do everything in our capacity to make sure that your dental visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

3. Convenient Location

Our practice is located at Bhatbhateni Naxal, a happening center of Kathmandu. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city within minutes. There are shopping arcades, and popular eateries surrounding our office. Our office is exactly opposite the Bhatbhateni supermarket. There is free front-door parking for two-wheelers. Four-wheelers can be street parked nearby. Our office is located on the ground floor of a 2-story building. This makes it comfortable for people with disabilities as well as older customer and young children.

4. We value your time

We make sure that you don’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment. You can see the dentist on your desired day. Once scheduled an appointment, we give reminder calls before your appointment time. We see our patients within minutes of arrival in most cases.

5. Family-owned private practice

Since the clinic is not a corporate entity, the focus is more on personalized care. The clinic is owned by a husband-wife dentist duo. Hence, you’ll have a dedicated full-time dentist. Be prepared to see the same familiar faces even after ages.

6. Well-experienced Internationally trained specialist dentists

Our dentists have reputable educational experience and over a decade of experience in the dentistry field. Both our dentists are registered on Nepal medical council specialist register. That means that, after qualifying as a general dentist, both of them has studied an extra 3 years to become specialist in their chosen field. Legally, a licensed general dentist can perform any dentistry procedure. But the proficiency of a specialist dentist is unparalleled. In addition, our dentist Dr. Hema is the recipient of the prestigious government scholarship which was awarded on the basis of the ranking of the examination conducted by the Ministry of education, Nepal. She has previously worked in the capacity of lecturer to aspiring dental graduates. Our other dentist Dr. Ujjwal is currently also an assistant professor of Orthodontics.

7. Approachable dentists

For any queries or concerns, you may choose to call our dental office or dentist directly. Our dentists are easy-going and easily approachable. They will give you their personal cell phone number and email address and will be happy to answer any follow-up queries or concerns you may have.

8. Child friendly

At Shangrila Dental Clinic, we treat your child as we would our own family. Dr. Hema is a mother herself to two young children. She also has good experience dealing with kids while working as a dentist at the children’s hospital-Kanti Bal Aspatal. She is patient enough and has mastered the tricks to keep the kids relaxed and entertained. We know that children need gentle encouragement and little praise to bring them to their best behavior.

9. Wide range of treatment

We offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from general dentistry to more complex procedures like smile makeovers and Dental Implants.  We are well qualified and experienced to handle almost all aspects of dental care. But when needed, we collaborate with other specialists to provide you with the best comprehensive care.

10. Evidence-based practice using the latest technology

The dentists keep updating themselves and follow the treatment approach which is backed by strong scientific evidence. We use the best materials and partner with dental labs that create the best dental restorations in Nepal.

11. Transparency in treatment cost

After a thorough examination, we would provide you with a treatment plan. You will be presented with a comprehensive choice of treatment options to choose from. You can always select the right treatment option based on your individual requirement and budget. We don’t want you to commit to any plan in which you feel uncomfortable. We will provide you with the upfront cost. Our prices are competitive and are available for prospective clients to see on our website, Facebook page, and Instagram as well as on our premises. You can choose to make payments via cash or card. We accept national and international cards. The prices are the same for Nepalese as well as international clients.

12. Strict sterilization Protocol

Your health and safety are our primary concerns so we take infection control and sterilization very seriously. Our dental staff is trained in the universal standard precaution and every possible precaution is taken to avoid cross-contamination. Our disposable items are disposed of after every single use. Other instruments are sterilized by autoclave. It kills the microbes and its spore by heat, steam, and pressure. We have a separate designated area in our office for the sterilization process.

13. Top-rated

We are thankful to our patients for the kind words they have shared about us on online portals like Google, Facebook, Nepalyp, etc. We have also been verified and named the top-rated dental practice in Nepal by the global clinic rating agency GCR http://gcr.org.

14. Customer satisfaction guarantee

We stand by our work. Customer satisfaction is our main motto. Luckily, our follow-up report shows that we have a fairly high success rate. However, at times even we make mistakes and our treatment fails. We will still own it up and will do everything in our capacity to make it right.

We hope that the reasons are good enough for you to choose Shangrila Dental Clinic. If you have any queries, you may contact us.

We look forward to having you.

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