Cost of Dental Treatment in Kathmandu


The cost of dental treatment at Shangrila Dental Clinic Kathmandu. The prices of some of the dental services are fixed for every client. However, the price can vary depending on your needs and the complexity of your case. The best thing to do is to have a consult to see what you need and then the price can be given. To schedule an appointment with our Dentist, contact us at (977) 9841815537 or (977) 1 4523123

For a general estimate, Check the prices here.


New Patient Registration, Consultation, and Treatment Plan:

(Valid for 6 months)

Follow-up Consultation (after 6 months )    350/-
Digital X-Ray (IOPA)- per x-ray    400/-

Teeth Filling Cost:

Fillings (Tooth-colored Composite Restorations) 2500-3500/-

Teeth gap closure using direct bonding composite

Tooth bonding (Fractured tooth restoration/Direct composite veneer/crown build-up)

Enameloplasty -teeth reshaping with no added filling

3500-4500/-per tooth

4000-4500/- per tooth


1000/- per tooth

GIC filling

Temporary filling



Teeth Cleaning (Scaling cost)


 Scaling (Teeth cleaning) and Polishing

Deep cleaning (per tooth) under Local Anesthesia



Teeth Whitening Cost  
Office Teeth Whitening per visit-includes 2 session 13,000/-
Home whitening (upper and lower) custom trays and 2 tubes: 15,000/-


Orthodontic (Braces) Cost  
Traditional Metal Braces Cost 80,000/-
Self-ligating Braces Cost 100,000/-
Ceramic Braces Cost 100,000/-
Aligner (ialign, clear braces) cost 150,000-300,000/-
Lingual Braces cost 300,000/-
Retainers Cost:  
Clear Transparent removable retainer per piece 3000/-
Hawley’s Retainer 5000/-
Fixed Retainer per arch 5000/-

Crown and Bridge Cost:

Zirconia crown 22,000 
3-unit Zirconia Bridge 66,000-75,000/-
Emax (Porcelain) Crown 20,000/-
Emax (Porcelain) 3-Unit Bridge 60,000/-
Metal-ceramic Crown 12,000/-
Metal-ceramic 3-unit Bridge 36,000/-
Maryland Bridge with 1 Metal-ceramic tooth and 2 wings


Porcelain Veneer Cost


Old crown removal (PFM/METAL/Emax)  per tooth                         1000/-

Old crown removal (Zirconia) per tooth                                                 1500/-

Dental Implant for Missing Teeth Cost:


Alpha bio/iFix implant with PFM crown

Alpha bio/iFix with Zirconia crown



Nobel Biocare Dental implant with a metal-ceramic crown  110,000/-
Nobel Biocare Dental Implant with Zirconia Crown  125,000/-
Supplement Bone graft+membrabe per implant (if required) 20,000/-for bone graft, 10,000/- for membrane
Sinus Lift procedure (if required in upper molar cases) 30,000

Root Canal Treatment for Teeth Cost

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) of Front Tooth (Incisors and Canine) 10,000/-

RCT of Back tooth(Premolar and  1st Molar):

RCT of 2nd molar tooth



Pulpectomy (RCT of milk tooth): 7000/

Teeth extraction Cost


Adult tooth extraction:

Wisdom teeth non-surgical extraction



Surgical extraction  10,000-16,000/-
Baby tooth extraction: 1500/-

Denture Cost

Acrylic Denture cost for both upper and lower: 40,000/-

Flexible RPD

Acrylic RPD

12,000/- (+2000 for additional tooth)

3000/- (+1500 for additional tooth)

Nightguard cost per piece 3000/-



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