The average cost of braces in Nepal ranges from NPR 70 thousand to 2.5 lakh.

Schedule an appointment with our Orthodontist Dr. Ujjwal Pyakurel. He has over 18+ years of experience in the field of dentistry in Nepal.

Everybody dreams of getting perfectly aligned teeth. If you are not blessed naturally, you can take the help of an Orthodontist near you.

There are different types of braces available in Nepal. It includes the traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, self-ligating (e.g. Damon) braces, clear aligners e.g. iAlign, and behind-the-teeth lingual braces.

traditional metal braces to correct the alignment of teeth
Braces Placed Behind the Teeth
iAlign is transparent

The cost for traditional metal braces starts from 70 thousand.

The cost of braces in Nepal is higher for the cosmetic type of braces which includes iAlign and Lingual braces.

An OPG and Lateral Ceph X-ray is requested by your Orthodontist before you begin wearing braces.

The doctor will also take your pre-braces mould. They will also take various photographs of your teeth and face.

If your teeth have calculus and cavity, they will do scaling and advise you to fill your cavities with a restorative material before placing braces.

You can opt to wear traditional metal braces. Or if you want fast results, opt for self-ligating braces.  You may also choose to have ceramic braces which appear white instead of the metallic color of the traditional metal braces.

iAlign is a clear transparent plate-like aligner. They fit over the teeth and bring about the desired movement. Each tray is worn over a period of time before moving over to the other set of trays.

Ask about getting Braces at the backside of your teeth instead of the front side. This way your braces will remain hidden and you will get perfectly aligned teeth. These types of Braces are known as Lingual Braces and are available at Shangrila Dental Clinic.


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