Dental Tourism Nepal

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism, a subset of medical tourism, involves individuals seeking dental care outside their local healthcare systems, coupled with a vacation. There is a rising number of foreigners choosing dental tourism holidays. Nepal has become a popular destination for foreign patients in recent times, particularly in dental care. Nepal’s accessibility and availability of quality assured and cost-effective dental treatment, amalgamated with its culture, heritage and the beauty of Himalayas have exponentially fostered the bloom of Nepal in “dental tourism.” Nepal is also budget-friendly in terms of airline tickets, visas, hotels, food, and car rentals.

Nepal for Dental Tourism

What Is the Benefit Of Dental Tourism?

For the most part, the biggest benefit of dental tourism is the potential for cost savings on needed dental treatment. If you can get quality care and there is a potential for savings, then dental tourism can be worth it. Dental treatment is very expensive in most of the Western and American countries compared to this fraction of the world, they charge 7-10 times more. A dentist can charge $300-$400 for a dental filling in the USA and Europe while it costs only $20-$40 in Nepal. A root canal is $3,000 in the West but only $70-$100 in Nepal. With the idea of saving thousands of dollars and the quality at par with the international standards, it is worth a thought to fly to Nepal for good, affordable dentistry. However, do your research and smartly choose the best dental clinic in Kathmandu for your dental work.

Why is dental cost less in Nepal?

Dental cost is less in Nepal because labor and real estate cost less.

Dental Tourism at Shangrila Dental Clinic

Shangrila Dental Clinic Kathmandu offers Dental Tourism and to date, we have treated a fairly good number of visitors from all around the world. Dental Standards are the same as that of any western country as having been commented on by our international clients. Our infection control standards are very high. Shangrila Dental Clinic is registered with the ‘Zilla Janaswastha’- which is the health regulatory body of the government of Nepal. They annually monitor our clinic. Our Dentists have:

  • a major in the sciences
  • 5.5 years of dental school
  • Additional 3 years of dental residency from reputable International government university’s dental school

After all of that, they then had to pass a board exam and a Nepal medical council specialist license exam. They are accredited with Nepal Medical Council (NMC), Nepal Dental Association (NDA), Nepal Medical Association (NMA), Nepalese Prosthodontic Society (NPS), Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic Association of Nepal (ODOAN) and have over 15 years of experience in dentistry. All of our staff can speak English so communication is not an issue.  The quality of dental products used is FDA approved and the same as in the USA, UK, Australia, and other European countries. We use Nobel Biocare dental implants only. The sterilization protocol and quality of care are top-notch. We will also provide you copies of your medical records, a list of the medications you have been given, and a description of the procedures you have undergone. So, that when you return, your dentist may know what treatment you received or why it was performed.

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If you have limited time but need multiple dental procedures, we suggest you only choose the dental treatment which will benefit you the most. We also need time for post-operative follow-up.

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