Retainer Price In Nepal

Retainer Cost in Nepal

What is the price of the retainer in Nepal? Many patients want to know how much they should expect to get a retainer fabricated in Nepal. At Shangrila Dental Clinic, the retainer price ranges from 3000-5000 Rs. per arch.

What is a retainer?

First of all, one must understand that orthodontic retainers are not used to straighten teeth. Instead, they are worn after orthodontic treatment to retain the moved teeth in their new position. If you do not wear them at the end of orthodontic treatment, your teeth will move. You need retainers no matter what type of orthodontic treatment you had- be it traditional brackets, self-ligating, lingual braces, or Aligners.


Retainer Cost in Nepal
Removable Clear Retainers
Hawleys removable type of retainer

Types Of Retainers:

There are 3 different types of retainers

  1. Fixed Retainers: wires are bonded by resin on the inside surface of your teeth.
  2. Removable Clear Retainers: Removable type of Clear plastic Essex retainers. It almost looks like an aligner.
  3. Removable Hawley’s Retainer: Another removable retainer with a plate and a wire.

Which type of retainer is best, fixed or removable?

Answer: Any type of retainer is better than no retainer!

Your dentist will recommend the best type based on your need. Consider your preference on the look and effort you are willing to put into maintaining it.

Advantages of Fixed Retainer:
  1. Invisible from the outside since these are fixed to the inside of your front teeth.
  2. No need to remove it while eating.
  3. The retainer stays in place. It can’t get lost.
  4. These retainers don’t affect your speech at all.
  5. There is no issue with forgetting to wear your retainers.
Disadvantages Of Fixed Retainers:
  1. Since these wires are fixed to your front 6-8 teeth, you cannot bite on hard foods.
  2. It might break without you noticing if you are not careful with your food habits. This results in the movement of teeth.
  3. Teeth cleaning can be a bit of a challenge.
  4. If good oral hygiene is not maintained, calculus builds up leading to gum disease.
Advantages of Removable Clear plastic Retainers:
  1. They are almost invisible.
  2. These are less bulky and more comfortable than Hawley’s Retainer.
  3. These are less likely to affect your speech.
  4. Easy to take out, so maintaining oral hygiene is easy.
  5. It can be removed at will to attend social events.
Disadvantages of Clear Plastic Retainers
  1. Patients can forget to wear the retainers.
  2. It can get lost or damaged. When broken, it can’t be repaired.
  3. When exposed to heat, it can become distorted.
  4. It can trap liquids in between your teeth, it might get smelly and you might develop cavities.
  5. Must be removed while eating and drinking hot things.
  6. Over time, it can become moldy.


Advantages Of Hawley’s Retainers
  1. They can be adjusted for a better fit.
  2. More durable than a clear plastic retainer.
  3. Minor breakages can be repaired.
Disadvantages of Hawley’s Retainers
  1. It is more noticeable than other retainers.
  2. It can slightly affect your speech.
  3. The wires can slightly irritate your lips and cheek initially.

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