Root Canal Treatment in Kathmandu

At Shangrila Dental Clinic Kathmandu, we perform root canal treatment. The root canal treatment relieves pain and discomfort and saves the tooth.

A well-performed root canal has a success rate of 95% and in most cases, it lasts a lifetime.

Number of visits required

The root canal treatment is completed in three visits to ensure that the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and healed. In some conditions, the root canal can be completed in a single visit. Visit our dental clinic in Kathmandu for root canal treatment and find out whether you are a candidate for a single-visit root canal or not.

Cost of Root Canal treatment in Nepal

The price of RCT of teeth depends on the position of the teeth as well as the severity of the disease. Front tooth root canals cost less compared to the back molars. Similarly, in complex cases with extra canals or blocked canals cost can be higher. For the cost of Root canal treatment at Shangrila Dental Clinic, check.

When is Root Canal treatment needed?

When either cavity, leaky filling, or fracture penetrates the inner surface of the tooth (which is called pulp), root canal treatment is needed. The involvement of pulp leads to increased sensitivity to hot and cold. There can be pain on biting or in some cases gum infection and pus discharge. In some rare instances, the tooth remains asymptomatic but its color changes to dark.

Does the Root Canal procedure hurt?

Root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia so it does not hurt during the procedure itself. However, the patient might experience some tenderness after the anesthesia wears off. It is advised to take painkillers like nimesulide or brufen.

It’s normal to experience some discomfort especially while chewing for several days after root canal therapy. It is not uncommon for a tooth to be uncomfortable or even exhibit a dull ache immediately
after receiving root canal therapy. This should subside within a few days (or even weeks). The tenderness is normal while the tooth is healing and is no cause for alarm.

Do I need a dental crown after Root canal treatment?

The answer is Yes. After root canal treatment, the pain subsides but the teeth remain brittle and weak. In order to avoid fracture of the tooth, a dental crown following RCT is needed.

Do’s and Dont’s of Root canal aftercare

Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water after every meal.

Avoid biting on hard foods until your treatment is complete.

Maintain good oral hygiene.


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